Cottesloe surf

There is a solid swell off the coast today and I saw first hand how people get themselves into trouble challenging mother nature.

This guy literally dragged his girl into the line of fire on the Cottesloe groin where it was obvious the sets were dumping a truckload of water periodically….it was really wet right!

He wanted her to take a shot of him with the back to the waves standing up on the rocks.

Well, I reckon she would have the shot, but the phone is probably trashed now.

Meanwhile, I also have the shot by standing where it was dry and guess what…I stayed dry!

Funny that eh!

Cottesloe Sunset


Cottesloe Sunset St

Cottesloe Lights HDR Cottesloe SS Pano

I set out to do my cross fit this evening, but ended up wagging it as I saw what was looming on the sunset front.

Here is 3 images shot this evening.

There were surprisingly few people out this evening, so hopefully these images will make up for those who missed this evenings show!

Smoky Sunset

Smoky Fishermen

Smoky Ship

We had our share of bush fires in Perth this evening which were sending some very cool cloud formations out over the ocean, so I headed out to see what was on offer.

Nothing like the fires of NSW just now and my thoughts go out to anyone dealing with what is going on over there! A big day to get through tomorrow apparently in NSW with 100km winds forecast and 32 degree temperatures!

If you are in the area over there, stay safe and get out with plenty of time as with those conditions, the fire storm will have a mind of its own and it will travel at insane speeds!

Above are a couple of different images that were the product of the unique conditions in the skies over here this evening.