Sunset at CY O’Connor Beach

I decided to head out for a shoot tonight as the build up in the sky had been developing all day. A bit of a recognisance from the balcony suggested that somewhere down south was probably going to be best and as it turned out my guess was spot on.

It was all happening down at CY O’Connor beach.

I did a bit of research about the wreck down there and found this:

Wyola 1912 The 306–ton steam tug Wyola worked in the Port of Fremantle. It was built in South Shields, UK in 1912 and run ashore at Robb Jetty for dismantling and scrapping in 1970. The stern frame can still be seen protruding from the beach while the bottom of the hull lies buried in the sand. A timber barge buried in the sand just to the north and sometimes visible is said to have been used in the scrapping of Wyola.

The Wyola and the barge make for some nice foreground interest for shots like these…hope you like them!

It makes you wonder where we are at these days when compared to CY O’Connor! His achievement of running water out to Kalgoorlie and developing the port of Fremantle are still 2 of the greatest engineering achievements ever done in this state.

Governments these days don’t seem to want to tackle anything longer term that means it won’t be finished before their 3 year Governing period. I feel that rather than send out the $900 out to stimulate the economy, visionary projects such as piping water down from the Kimberley should have been tackled which would have not only stimulated the economy, but we would have had something to show for the stimulus that would assist the growth of our state over the coming generations.

All we got with the Governments initiative was a bunch of new televisions and a boost to the Bali economy!

CY O’Connor Beach Wreck

Going back through my CY O’Connor Beach shots, I found this little gem lurking in there. I have noted the CY O’Connor is also up there in the Google search words…so here it is! This is the bow section of the wreck that is down at CY O’ Connor Beach and the statue in the background is the one of CY O’Connor on the horse.

CY Oconnor Beach

With all this amazing cloud around I thought I would check out the beach dedicated to CY Oconnor. For those of you who don’t know WA history, CY Oconnor was one of the best engineers Australia has ever seen and 2 of his more note worthy projects were the pipeline to the Gold Fields in Kalgoorly from Perth and the Harbour in Fremantle itself.

He copped so much flack from the press about his pipeline project that when they flicked the switch and the water did not flow immediately, he thought he had failed the mission and the next day he rode into the water at this beach and shot himself.

The following day the water flowed!!!!

Only now are they dredging the harbour that he designed and it has done us proud till now, so what an amazing man with an amzing foresight. The media has a lot to answer for i reckon!