White Rabbit now ready for hand over

We are now putting on the finishing touches to White Rabbit in readiness for hand over.

White Rabbit is doing everything we expected of her and I am sure has set a new standard for large yachts in regards the lack of vibration, speed, efficiency and economy to run.

Without doubt the most impressive vessel I have ever built or sea trialled.


Echo Yachts build documentary

Below is a link to a great video documentary of the build of the Super Yacht we have been building here at Echo Yachts, put together by Mike Michael Fletcher​and Darren McCagh​

…with just a little bit of help from your’s truly.

You will need a bit of time to view the video as it is about 20 minutes long.

The video shows the journey of the team at Echo and it captures some of the challenges we experienced along the way.

Well done Echo Team.

Well done to Mike and Daz with the edit.


White Rabbit Reveal ceremony

Last night we celebrated the build of White Rabbit in style with a cocktail event to end all cocktail parties.

A huge effort from our Echo team to get the vessel and premises ready for the evening.

Catering handled beautifully by Mark Reynold’s Daughter, Jenna Leslie from Frazer’s catering, the sound system and light show put together by Sebastian Marks from Audio Technic and the entertainment for the night by the lovely Joanna Quail all the way here for one night to entertain us with her Cello.

Mikie Mike Fletcher and Daz Mc Cagh managed to wow the audience with a 24 minute video and it held the audience in total awe for the entire time.

The big screen was supplied by Peter Hudson from Sunset Cine.

Thanks so much to everyone involved in assisting me to make this such an amazing event.

Now onto the launch and hand over!

Naiad Ride control for the new Echo Super Yacht

The is one of the wings which become the system of ride control on the Super Yacht we are building at Echo Yachts.
You will see a large wing in the foreground and then another one further aft.
All in all there are 4 wings between the Trimaran hull form and a large flap under the transom to control pitch.
The system was designed by Naiad Ride control and it will work by way of movement sensors in the hull feeding the controlling computer and then swinging these control surfaces fore and aft, or up and down as the case may be to reduce the roll, heave and pitch of the vessel considerably.
Apart from looking very cool, the wings will also be an integral part of smoothing out the ride of the vessel.

Super Yacht update

Here are a couple of recent shots of the super yacht project, which is now running down the line for a launch around March/April next year.

The bottom photo shows the portside tunnel with all the fairing to the waterline complete and the big swinging ride control wing in the foreground ready for installation.

There will be 4 of these wings fitted fore and aft between the hulls and they will rock fore and aft to take out roll and pitch in heavy seas.

In the early new year the scaffold will start to come down which will reveal the majesty of the ship being created by the Echo team.

Bow progress on Super Yacht project

After a somewhat scary non GPS flight with my Drone in our sheds just now I managed to get this shot, in amongst the drone reacting to the bit of wind coming in the open shed doors.
Suffice to say the flight was a short one!?
I thought I would get this perspective before the final bow plates go on later in the week.
As you can see the project is well advanced now.