Sunrise over Fremantle Sailing Club

Last night we decided to sleep on the boat so we could get an early start.

I woke up to a nice calm sunrise with a beautiful mackerel sky forming, so decided to send the drone up.

This is the largest stitch I have done to date and it has 29 images in it, double layer.

It is very cool to be just standing on the back deck of my boat and cover so much ground with the drone.

Enjoy the long weekend everyone!

Fremantle Storm approaching

Bathers Beach Storm St Sailing Club Storm St

With the approaching storm over the coast today made the way for some very cool clouds and light.

We enjoyed a very nice lunch at Bathers beach with some friends and saw the tope image looming and then later on again at the Sailing club.

So, being Johnny on the spot with the camera…I had to o for the capture didn’t I!

Now that’s a Rainbow!

Freo Rainbow

I was on the way to work this morning when I saw this awesome rainbow developing over Fremantle, so a quick detour to Freo Sailing club and by the time I got there I had a full 360 degree version nicely reflecting over the tranquil waters of the club.

A nice way to start the day for sure!

Fremantle to Bali Race

The Twins

Super Sled

The start

Walk and the wild side

The Bustle

Dufkin Stern

Dufkin Side

Dufkin Bow

I went out with a couple of old school mates to watch the start of the Fremantle to Bali race today and what a beautiful day out on the ocean it was!

The stand outs for impressive boats in the race was the 90ft Super Sled over from Sydney and the Walk on the Wild Side.

John Sanders was there with the Peri Banou and he showed his racing prowess by getting the jump on everyone for the start, but it wasn’t long before the power of the Super Sled was taking off and showing her sheer dominance and was sailing off into the distance.

The Dufkin made an impressive sight out there as part of the support flotilla and was out there in full sail.

I am thinking they are going to see all the extremes during their journey to Bali. From the super calm serenity during the start this morning to the pending 6m swell and 50 knot gales forecast for Wednesday.

All in a day at Rotto


Start the engines, ropes off, pull out of the pen and turn for Rottnest, like we have done so many times before.

The tranquil feel to the sailing club has us all with an air of anticipation.

The swell forecast is showing 2m and the winds are light and as we get closer to Rottnest the swell lines start appearing confirming that there is at least some swell.

Our selected surf break for the day is Stricklands on the South Side of Rottnest. We paddle into the break and the manoeuvring begins. The sets start coming and soon it is time to pull into the first wave.

In between sets we chat amongst ourselves and solve the problems of the world…I chatted to one guy who was a pro diver and who had just been on a stint for 10 day diving at 300m!

What a great way to spend the day and after 3 and a half hours in the water and have expend all reserves of energy, we cruised off to Parker Point for a well deserved lunch in amongst the beautiful green waters of Parker Point.

….that was my Saturday!


Fremantle Sailing Club Blues

Sometimes the no cloud sunsets produce some really cool colours facing away from the sunset and this evening was no exception.

I was down at the sailing club doing some work on my boat and saw these colours developing, so I pulled out the trusty 1Ds and stitched away!

The subtle colours in the sky really complimented the tranquility that was part of the moment down there.

Oman the new Weapon!

I was down at Freo Sailing Club today and saw this weapon of a yacht that had just pulled in from Africa!

This machine was built by boat speed and can achieve speeds up to 35 knots and can cruise at a very respectable 20 knots.

Those coming with me tomorrow for the Karijini get together will get to see and photograph this vessel as we cruise past it on our way out of the heads!

Fremantle Sailing Club Juniors

I was down at Fremantle Sailing Club the other day and the kids in the training yachts jumped out at me as a photo opportunity. Lucky i had just picked up my camera from my boat!

I love the colours they have picked for these little yachts…they really stand out.

I might print this up for the club and donate it!