Fremantle foggy morning

A foggy start to the day this morning!

On the way to work I spotted this little scene developing, so I stopped and got the drone up just in time for some epic light and drama.

Landed and carried onto work 10 minutes later and it started raining and was dark and gloomy.

I think I timed this one right!

Fremantle Thunderstorms

We have a really cool Thunderstorm going through Perth now as I post this image.
I heard it kicking off around 0500 this morning and lay in bed debating if to head out or not, but then decided I would sleep in any case, so may as well head out.
A very enjoyable morning out and I got to use my Pluto Lightning trigger for the first time and very happy with its performance.
This is a 5 image stitch after the lightning strike as the clouds were just to die for and a single capture would not have done it justice!

Winter Approaching in Fremantle

We are having a proper winters day here in Perth and the rain has now set in for a while by the feel of it.
I met a few of my riding mates for Breaky in at Fremantle this morning and as I left, the approaching storm made a really nice backdrop to the Fremantle Architectural landscape.
Far be it from me to let a photo opportunity slide, so this is the result.

Bridge Sunrise

On the way back from the gym this morning I was presented with a very spectacular sunrise, so I pulled over and set up my trusty Nikon and pinged away.

A nice way to start the day for sure!

A passer by stopped and asked why I was shooting a bridge with trucks on it would you believe!

Some people can’t see the ‘wood for the trees’! ?

Fremantle Storm approaching

Bathers Beach Storm St Sailing Club Storm St

With the approaching storm over the coast today made the way for some very cool clouds and light.

We enjoyed a very nice lunch at Bathers beach with some friends and saw the tope image looming and then later on again at the Sailing club.

So, being Johnny on the spot with the camera…I had to o for the capture didn’t I!