Lantau Bridge, Hong Kong

Hong Kong Bridge Pano

I have always wanted to shoot the Lantau airport bridge in Hong Kong but have never found the time.

I found some spare time today and also a cab driver who spoke enough english to know where I wanted to go and I wasn’t disappointed!

When this bridge was constructed, I am pretty sure it was the longest spanning bridge in the world and also the largest construction contract ever let at $250 Billion USD which included the airport development for the new airport in Hong Kong and the tunnels to get there, this bridge and others and also the reclaiming of the land on the island to make way for the airport.

The Chinese are good like that…they run out of space so they just create some more!

I still remember doing the last final turn at about skyscraper level coming into the old airport and watching people brush their teeth!

The old airport was written up by most pilots as the toughest in the world when the Hong Kong storms were on!

Mountains on the left, Skyscrapers to the right and landing towards Hong Kong harbour!