Leading Lines at Bunkers Bay

It is quite amazing that this shot is not either an aerial shot or has lots of black dots all over it, as when I took it I felt sure I was being carried away by the flies down at Bunkers Bay! :}

No doubt one of the most beautiful bays in the South West if not in WA total.

The flies can be a menace at this time of year though!

Matilda Bay Sunset

I was out near Matilda Bay on Friday evening and was presented with this amazing sky at sunset…right place at the right time..classic sunset!

I have been riding past this red tree on most weeks when we do our rides around the river and I have always admired this tree. I have been waiting for the right time and circumstance to capture it…this was also one of those times!!

If anyone knows what sort of tree it is I would be grateful to have that knowledge. It is stunning. Just on the right before you get to the Uni travelling West

Dyer Island Sea Lions at play

On the way back from the Sunday Dive we were fortunate enough to come across these Sea Lions at play.

Once again the water colours are very interesting in both texture and colour. I think this is my fav from Rotto so far!

Rottnest Shags at Longreach

We have a regular flock of Shags that sit out on a rock in Longreach Bay. I like the way they are all looking out to sea over their million dollar view in this image and how a coupe of them frame the boat off in the distance.

I also like the colours and water movement in the foreground in this image.

The Basin Chequers

I saw this cool vantage point coming into Longreach this weekend that I had not checked out before. So after the dive Greg and I cruised over in the tender and proceeded to climb up. The sand stone was oohh sooo sharp…one slip and we would have looked liked shredded cheeze I reckon, but look what we found with our new found vantage point! Pretty cool eh!

Rottnest Tranquility

Here you go Dave…what sort of bird is this? Whilst we were up on this rock, this little Tacker flew in to be sure he got into the picture!! Everytime the auto focus beep went off he even seemed to preen himself a little more for the camera!

This shot was taken with a 50mm so you can see how close he let me get eh!