Lightning Over Perth

I love this time of year!

On the way out to our annual True North crew dinner, I saw the clouds developing over the hills, so without hesitation I knew I had to ping them quickly and excuse myself for being a little late.

What a show it put on and the final colours just after sunset were awesome.

After the True North dinner party I came out and found an epic lightning storm had established itself over Perth, so out to Kings Park I went and was equally impressed with the lightning show over Perth City.

I hope you enjoy the images.

Swan River magic

Narrow Swans

The call of thunder is something I struggle to resist and Friday night was no exception!

On Friday evening I heard a big clap of thunder over our house, so I set out in amongst the driving rain to the Narrows Bridge where I could tuck in out of the rain.

As often happens with photography, things didn’t quite go to plan, but I did spend a very pleasant hour or so watching the rain belting down and also watching swans and pelicans playing and feeding in the rain.

I also met another keen photog and Nikon D4 user named Dom, which added to the experience.

So, not exactly what I headed out to get, but something different and a nice experience for sure.

Just like singing in the rain, photography in the rain can also offer rewards!

Point Walter and Fremantle Storm Fronts

Point Walter Storm 1 St

Museum Storm St

South Mole Lightning


Sometimes the Planets align well when you are in the right place at the right time.

Tonight was one of  those times!

After work I saw a Thunder cell starting to form over Perth and it looked like it was going to come my way, so I scoffed down some dinner and set off to Point Walter.

I did not have my timelapse camera with me so used the Nikon D810 for the first time for both Time-lapse and stills.

As I saw what was coming together, I called a work colleague Russell and he graciously agreed to go to work to get my Time-lapse kit for the second round.

That also worked out perfectly as after the front passed over me I headed out to South Mole and once again, nailed it perfectly!

I guess that all made up for the weekend’s fopar of classic rookie mistakes!

Above you will see photos and the Time-lapse from tonights successful Mission.

Thanks Russell for rushing around for me!

Perth City Storm Last Night

Perth City Lightning

Well, the light show continues here in Perth with another epic display of Mother Natures wonders last night.

I ended up being joined by quite a few of the boys, most of which came down of their own accord.

It was a fun night out with a fan club behind us getting entertained by our shouts of glee and excitement when we nailed a shot.