Quindalup Jetty Aerial

We are down south this weekend and I am tutoring my good mate Russell in photography, who got the photography bug after our trip to Tonga with the Humpbacks.

So whilst looking over his shoulder at the Quindalup jetty, I flew the drone and ended up with this little capture for the morning.

Russell is on a steep learning curve and going well!

Quindalup Light

I set out on Saturday down to Quindalup to see what was about and saw the low lying cloud slowly moving to the West, so I hung around in anticipation of the colour popping out of the shallows and this was the result.

Quindalup Boat Ramp

I went down to Quindalup this morning only to be greeted with a totally overcast sky, but decided to hang around and see what I could get.

Quindalup has been my nemesis for a while now as everything seems to be working agains me when I try to get a new angle to this very well captured location.

I think this has come out OK actually and is for sure the best so far.