True North Raft Up

So what does one do when sitting at home on a beautiful day recovering from a shoulder op?

Work up some images that haven’t been looked at yet is what!

At the end of many of the True North cruises we have a sunset raft up somewhere cool and in this instance we were in the Buccaneer Archipelago with a very cool thunderhead brewing away to the East.

I shot the below panorama whilst we were being gently twisted around by a whirlpool spinning the raft up ever so gently whilst being serenaded by one of our crew members, Jo Lee and one of the Guests.

A very pleasant way to see the day out.

For those interested, my op went well and am definitely on the road to recovery!

Willyaberup Drone Shots

We took a drive out to Willyaberup Beach this afternoon…well a drive and a walk really.
I found another benefit for having a drone with me.
We missed the turn off to the beach somehow, so I put the drone up and easily was able to see where we went wrong and amended the mistake easily!
Here’s 2 drone stitched after we got to the beach.