WA Skydiving 50 Way Record attempt today

Runway Sunrise

I am up at York today with a bunch of other Skydivers ready to go up and see if we can break the old free fall record we set a few years ago over the sky show which was a 41 way.

Today we have 3 Cessna Caravans 50 skydivers plus a camera man and we will be going to 18,000 ft with oxygen.

Conditions are perfect and sunrise this morning looking down the runway was spectacularly peaceful.

We have Today Tonight coming up to do a story on this attempt so stay tuned to Channel 7 either today or tomorrow (depending on how they go) for the story.

I will update later today to let everyone know how we went!

Skydiving Nationals at York Drop Zone

The Reach 2

Touch down 2

Touch Down

Made it!

The Gates

The Reach

I drove up to York yesterday arvo to catch up with some old Skydiving buddies as the National Skydiving Championships were being held there for the first time since the 70’s I believe.

The York DZ was something that I created and have since sold, but it was great to go back and see all the improvements Tim Radford and his partners have made there and more importantly how they have carried on with the vision.

New improvements since I saw the DZ last include a swoop pool, new creeper area, new bar facilities, more toilet facilities and an improved camping area.

There were many old faces there and great to catch up and WA was turning on perfect weather for the meet.

The photos above show how much the sport has changed over the years.

There are 2 photos of traditional accuracy where the competitors sit above the pad with larger canopies designed to be able to sink into a target and if the skydiver gets it right they get to kick an electronic pad to hopefully register a ‘0’!

The new discipline is swoop accuracy which involves using serious small canopies and swooping in below designated gates and over the swoop pond and then converting the speed to lift by braking at the end to hopefully land on the target area.

Landing short costs points as does landing long.

Both disciplines are fun to watch and both take a lot of dedication to master.

Rottnest Skydiving

In preparation for the up and coming 50 year anniversary of skydiving celebrations coming up in WA Lindsay Wiltshire dropped of a thumb drive with a heap of memories to sort through in readiness for the slide show I am going to put together for the event.

This shot was taken by Nick Burns during one of the March long weekend celebrations at Rottnest. For about 10 years we did 3 jumps a day into the island with the key jump being the Sunset jumps into the beach in front of the Rottnest pub, which would always be the prelude to a huge concert on the beach.

They were fun times and the views from this quadraplane looking out to West end were awesome. The landings were always quite a challenge landing in behind the big pine trees into the small beach in front of the pub, but we had a ball doing them and everyone who saw these demos always got a huge kick out of them.

WA to celebrate 50 years of Jumping at Thompkins Park in Melville.

Application for dinner ticket

On the 27th of October this year Lindsay Wiltshire and a few others are putting together quite a show to celebrate 50 years of Jumping in WA.

I for one intend to do a few jumps to get current so that I can do a jump into Thompkins Park and a few old dogs are getting geed up to join me! I can confirm that the Irishman, the GT and the ‘Hopee One Kenobe’ are all looking at dusting off the gear….the sky will never be the same again! 🙂

1000 hrs I am told will be the start of the Jumps into Thomkins Park which will be followed by a dinner.

The dinner booking form in featured here.I am sure that Photogs and Jumpers alike, new and old will enjoy this event. Both have been a big part of my life and I very much look fwd to catching up with some old jumping buddies to talk about old times and jumps!

A Skydiving Farewell to Youngy!!!

The reason I was in the area of Matilda Bay last Friday was that there was a memorial jump for an old mate who died recently of Cancer. His name was Ian Young and he was the Chief Instructor of Hillman Farm Skydivers for many years, back when that was my dropzone.

Hillman Farm is still operational and is located down past Williams and near Darkan.

Youngy wanted his ashes to be scattered over the park in front of Steve’s hotel where we did so many jumps over the years.

The crew on the last jump had his ashes in the bag and then just before break off they set Youngy free to forever fly and be free at Steves.

It was a sad reason for being there, but it was also good to see a bunch of Skydiving mates that I haven’t seen for a while.

The photos are of GT..closest to the target as always, Toots…the most delightful lady you will ever meet…she always has a smile on her face and she runs Toot’s cafe at Skydive Express and then there was Clive Meakans…a long time Hillman Farm supporter and very much a character in his own right!

These are a just a cross section of the better shots I took as there were 2 loads of 14 that jumped into Steve’s park last Friday evening.

Man Small…Why Fall…Skies Call…That’s All