True North Raft Up

So what does one do when sitting at home on a beautiful day recovering from a shoulder op?

Work up some images that haven’t been looked at yet is what!

At the end of many of the True North cruises we have a sunset raft up somewhere cool and in this instance we were in the Buccaneer Archipelago with a very cool thunderhead brewing away to the East.

I shot the below panorama whilst we were being gently twisted around by a whirlpool spinning the raft up ever so gently whilst being serenaded by one of our crew members, Jo Lee and one of the Guests.

A very pleasant way to see the day out.

For those interested, my op went well and am definitely on the road to recovery!

Point Walter Storm Cell

Some cool storm activity out this evening.
This is the first of a few with a number of cells dancing around shortly after this, with strong wind squalls and rain then followed.
So I skidadilled south to try and stay ahead of the cells.

Fremantle Thunderstorms

We have a really cool Thunderstorm going through Perth now as I post this image.
I heard it kicking off around 0500 this morning and lay in bed debating if to head out or not, but then decided I would sleep in any case, so may as well head out.
A very enjoyable morning out and I got to use my Pluto Lightning trigger for the first time and very happy with its performance.
This is a 5 image stitch after the lightning strike as the clouds were just to die for and a single capture would not have done it justice!

Some nice light within the storm!


I think anyone in WA could be excused for thinking we are still in the middle of winter!

Last weekends storms would rival any mid winter storm and it was devilishly cold to boot.

Lee and I headed down to Safety Bay last night for a meal with friends and I managed to duck out just before Sunset to capture the nice light that was sneaking in under the menacing sunset clouds.

What attracted me to this image was how the light was dancing on the old yacht and in order to fully tell the story, I decided to do a stitch.

I then spent the evening working up some images with my mate Russell, that he captured in Tonga with Darren Jew recently and I am pleased to report we now have a new and very keen photog in our midst…and a photog with a very good eye for a newby!

We are going to see Saul this week to kit him up with some new Nikon gear!