Sunset Poem by Carl

My good friend Carl, AKA Crispy, sent me through a poem yesterday and the challenge then was to find a suitable image to support the beauty of the poem he wrote.

The above image is what I came up with which was certainly one of the more memorable Sunsets from last year’s Rottnest season.

Carl’s poem reads: ‘Sun met sand and touched red sky. Glass eyes could not resist as shuttered memories captured a sunset cloud trail wisp’.

I hope you like the poem and the supporting image.

Quindalup Jetty Aerial

We are down south this weekend and I am tutoring my good mate Russell in photography, who got the photography bug after our trip to Tonga with the Humpbacks.

So whilst looking over his shoulder at the Quindalup jetty, I flew the drone and ended up with this little capture for the morning.

Russell is on a steep learning curve and going well!

Some nice light within the storm!


I think anyone in WA could be excused for thinking we are still in the middle of winter!

Last weekends storms would rival any mid winter storm and it was devilishly cold to boot.

Lee and I headed down to Safety Bay last night for a meal with friends and I managed to duck out just before Sunset to capture the nice light that was sneaking in under the menacing sunset clouds.

What attracted me to this image was how the light was dancing on the old yacht and in order to fully tell the story, I decided to do a stitch.

I then spent the evening working up some images with my mate Russell, that he captured in Tonga with Darren Jew recently and I am pleased to report we now have a new and very keen photog in our midst…and a photog with a very good eye for a newby!

We are going to see Saul this week to kit him up with some new Nikon gear!

Off to Argentina!


One last Rottnest image before I depart on a photography trip to Argentina! Another perspective from Fays Bay.

I am going with fellow Photog, Brent Pearson who was one of the team that came with me to Iceland a few years ago.

We will be on location in a couple of days and from then on hope to be posting some images as we go.

Stay tuned!



Last night we started off at the jetty in Geordie Bay and this scene took my fancy.

I was unsure if I should call the image ‘patience’ or ‘anticipation’!

These pelicans are local to Rottnest and seem to have an uncanny way of knowing when people are fishing or cleaning fish.

This fellow had some charisma and was a very smart looking bird and even though he seemed to be unfazed with what the fisherman was doing he was a little camera shy. We had a little game of hide and seek before this capture came to fruition!

To me the scene is very Rottnest and sums up activities on the beaches and on board boats, after the hunting and gathering has finished and the preparation of the evening meals are happening all around Rottnest.

Not to be left out, the pelicans have worked out that patience pays off and an easy meal is on offer if they just wait it out!