Long Board Surf Comp at Isolated

Whilst picking up my new board this morning, I stayed on to watch a long board surfing comp at a surf break near Cottesloe called Isolated.

I learned to surf at this break, so watching on this morning brought back so many good memories.

The Falcon XR woody was a classic I thought and very fitting for a moment of memories for good times long gone.

The Budweiser dog with the Bid jacket was classic which also fitted in very well to the scene.

All the long boards lined up looking over the break was also a classic look I reckon.

With only knee high waves coming in, the conditions were challenging, but some of the lads were pulling out some interesting moves to woo the judges! I particularly like the one legged stance! 🙂

Bears line up and dude, thanks for the board bits!

I went down south surfing with a mate on the weekend and the conditions were pretty good albeit somewhat knarley!

I got a few nice waves, but I think Bears came up on top on my tally. Bears certainly won hands down with this guy as he broke his board on the very first wave!

It was pretty cute watching the little tacker running up with the other half of his board saying ‘hey mister…here’s you board’!

Gearies Surf Beach, Mandurah

I went down for a surf this morning at Gearies, just south of Mandurah and whilst I was scoping the conditions, I decided to pull the camera kit out and ping this off before going out for a surf.

I met a guy by the name of Chris out there and we had a good old yarn in-between waves. A fun day out and driving home the body had that nice. ‘I’ve been out paddling’ feel to it!