Drone down!!!?

Lee and I are now in the North Kimberley after a cracker start at Wyndham last night with a stairway to the moon and a stunning thundery sunset.

King George was doing its thing this morning but unfortunately I lost my drone, so a bit sad…especially at the start of the trip….and I got some cracker shots before the app dropped out!

Stay tuned for more from the mighty True North!

Off on another True North Adventure

Mark and Lee with the Pikinini's

Tomorrow morning Lee and I are off on another True North adventure.

This time we are heading off to the Bismarck sea in the North East of PNG and also the Sepik River.

We have not done this particular cruise yet and are very much looking fwd to it. My partner Craigo says that the life up in the Sepik river is very different and the dive action outside of the river is said to be pretty special as well.

I should be posting from about Wednesday onwards, so stay tuned to my blog and Facebook for updates of what we are up to in this untouched pristine paradise!

First Images from my Shannon Horse Riding Adventure

Karri Magic

Jeff Classic 2

Jeff Classic

Out of all the possible activities I could have done this weekend, I think my weekend away with Jeff and Merle from Shannon Horse Riding Adventures was as good as it could be I think.

The windflowers were mostly out, the overcast conditions allowed for some cool Karri forrest shots and the horse riding adventures were made just that much more adventurous with the windy and rainy conditions.

All dressed up in our Driasabones, we stayed dry and warm and the horses wanted to run.

Jeff and Merle worked tirelessly to make sure that everything was in order and the meals were very tasty.

So, a couple of teaser shots for now after having been in the saddle now for quite a few hours over the weekend and after covering heaps of kilometres…time to put my feet up and rest my weary butt! 🙂

Off Riding down at Denmark this weekend

Kailis Sunset

I took a client out for dinner last night and this little scene presented itself!

I am now about to head off on a horse riding adventure for the weekend in Denmark with Shannon Horse riding.

I am told we get to cover a fair bit of country over that time and hopefully will get to some areas where other’s can’t get to!

Not sure what internet access will be there but for sure stay tuned for some adventure pics early next week.

I will post as I go if possible.

Have a great weekend everyone!

The True North Adventures continue!


Pandanus Sq St

Camp Creek

Bucaneer 1

Another great day on True North in the Hunter River yesterday and we have the famous Heli picnic at Eagle Falls today.

The images above are from The Buccaneer Archipelago, Camp Creek and Montgomery Reef.

The walk to Camp Creek is a solid walk for about 45 minutes which is rewarded with a cooling dip above the water fall.

Dare to Live!



Above are a couple of pics from the Australia Day long weekend at Rottnest.

I also put together a video of my favourite swim through at long reach that I titled ‘Dare to Live…inspired by the track of the same name by Andrea Botichelli.

All shot on the Olympus OMD.

I have a version with that sound track as well!

The video can be found here

Asian Fish Markets

The Push-900

The Yellow Fish Lady-900

Fishing Boats-900

Well that was a hectic couple of days, between missing a flight due to a Typhoon and having to overnight in HK and then going for a ferry ride in the roughest weather I have ever seen…fun not!

One of the highlights for me over the last couple of days was to watch this fish market in action and all of the goings on. They have a serious fleet of fishing boats that go out and catch these fish and then at the markets the processing and the auctions begin.

Most of the Tuna is sold for Sashimi, others are used for cutlets and there was little waste from what I could see.

There is still torrential rain up here and fingers crossed that I will now make my link to London for the next part of my journey!

I would just about kill for a shower right now and not likely to get one till about 0430….doh!

Up, up and away!

From tomorrow I will be off for a few weeks adventure and covering a fair bit of ground in that time.

Therefore my blog posts will be a little less regular than usual, but it is also likely that the new blog posts will be from some exotic locations!

So stay tuned and enjoy the ride with me as I think you will surprised at the ground I will cover on this trip!

In the mean time…stay safe and be good to your mother! 🙂