Here’s another Sunrise shot from the Hunter River

Sunrise at the Hunter

This shot took a bit of working up as the sun had just hit some of the cliffs and they were getting blown out very easily.

But it was worth it in the end I think!

The skies especially in this shot are awesome. It is an 8 photo stitch and the large TIFF file is nearly 1 gig!

Early Hunter

Early Hunter

This is probably the best light we had during the trip. The Hunter River never fails to offer something special from my experience. There are always some amazing clouds and the surroundings in the Hunter River are simply outstanding.

I will see what i can find for Stakky with regards some more aerial shots!

Baby Whale Action at Raft Point

More Milk Mum!!

Mother and Calf

Here is a couple more images of the mother and calf off Raft Point in the Kimberley.

We had the pleasure of their company for about 45 minutes and the baby was getting quite irate at mother for not playing the game right so that he could get the milk properly!

At the end of the feeding session they turned and did a dive in unison that could not have been done better if it had been choreographed!! Mike Fletcher captured that sequence beautifully in his video. Details on where to see that vid are on my last post.


Hot new video news!!

MF in Action

Mike Fletcher has just uploaded a short intro to the West Kimberley based on the first week of our last Kimberley Cruise on Vimeo. The above pic is of him in action on top of a large set of rocks off Raft Point that we climbed to get a sunset. Some of the footage in the video was taken at this spot.

You can view Mike’s master piece at:
Mikes Video