Vanuatu Cascades

Cascade Mega St

One of the iconic sites to see in Vanuatu is their cascade waterfalls which flow through limestone rocks.

The limestone does an awesome job of filtering the water to the most gorgeous tones of blue.

These are the smaller falls to the right which are by far the centre piece of the entire cascade area.

So pretty in fact that I went back for the second time with my driver for an early morning shoot to do this mega stitch.

The file size is now 1.98 Gig, shot at 70mm with 4 layers of 6 images and the bottom images are focus stacked as well.

The detail in this image at full size is something else and what I have planned for it is to be put on a 2m glass print and set outside at the end of our lap pool, which is pretty close to the native size of this image!

I have a few more from this area that I will post during the week. I hope you like this one! 🙂

More Nemo’s from Vanuatu



I never tire from shooting these little guys.

I went for a long snorkel yesterday just in the lagoon here and found heaps of these little Nemo colonies every where.

It wasn’t until I processed the first shot that I noticed the Cowry shell! Go figure!