A few shots from Venice

We have spent a couple of fill in days in Venice whilst waiting for the Ferry show in Croatia later in the week and here are a couple from late yesterdays walk and the walk this morning at 0530.

Apparently only 54,000 people live permanently here, yet they assist servicing a total of 30,000,000 people a year who visit Venice!

The walk this morning showed me some of the logistics they have to deal with given that most places are on the canals.

I saw little canal boats loading all the new produce for all the restaurants and other boats designed to move all the towels and sheets around to be washed and brought back to the hotels.

It was like watching a small army getting mobile in readiness for the hoards who must invade their little city relentlessly every week, but that is what their economy is based on I guess.

A rough calc in my head suggests that the numbers of people they must have to handle would be around 800,000 a week.

Definitely the best time to see Venice is before the tourists get out and that is very early.

Lucky I am kinda used to that time of day! šŸ™‚