Vineyard Moonset and Sunrise

I found this stitch lurking in amongst some Vineyard shots I took with Ian wise a few months ago, which has turned out pretty cool actually.

We hired a cherry picker for this shoot and for sure the concept worked. We managed to pick just the right time when it was a full moon and this particular time was just before sunset and when the moon was just about to set.

‘Vineyard Bliss’

Here is another image taken at a friend of mine’s Vineyard.

Sunrise has only just happened and the resultant light was coming in like spot lights. The tree reflections in the water very much lured me to the location for the composition.

Hope you like it!

Vineyard Sheep

This afternoon was somewhat challenging with fading light and a storm brewing and just as we had decided to call it a day, we spotted these sheep in the vineyard from the road. We tried to do the Christian Fletcher routine and shoot from the window, but alas we were not as well practised in this elite form of photography as the man himself, so we actually had to get out and shoot kneeling down of all things!

I must get CF to show me the art of car window shooting sometime!