Lucernque perfection

Here are some more images from the stunning Lucernque Islands area where we spent the day yesterday.
The wreck dive was so good we did it twice and then the sunset drinks on the white sandy beach under the palm trees watching one of the locals show how to start a fire in the traditional way and then smoke the fish we shared with him.

Sepik River Crocodile Men

We did the heli flight up to the Spirit house where they do the crocodile skin initiation for the men of the tribe when they turn 18 as part of a ritual hat turns them into a man.

They are cut all over their bodies with razor blades and the cuts are stuffed with mud and then they recover in the spirit houses next to the fires which we are told helps with the pain.

The net result is the scars resemble crocodile skin, hence their nick name of crocodile men.

We are so privileged to be able to witness such ceremonies first hand and the spirit houses themselves have stories all of their own…stay tuned for those stories!

Sepik River Adventures on True North

Fabulous day in the Sepik River yesterday…in fact the best I have seen it yet as it was a bit cooler than previous times and the overcast conditions made for some awesome light in the Stilt village.

Its such a humbling experience to go down the narrow water ways to get to the village and to be greeted so warmly by these wonderful people.