Degustation Cooking at Home

Since Covid is restricting restaurant numbers here is an ‘at home’ solution for catching up with friends in a safe environment at home whilst Chef, Simon Nabor entertains you all with culinary delights.

A fabulous way to get together after the Covid lock down and a way to get together in the comfort of your own home!

See the link above to view the video I did of the evening.

True North and Cendrawashi Bay

On this day in 2016 I was on board True North with Niki and Dave and on this particular dive, Oly and I were doing our normal camera stuff and hanging together, but when we came up the bubble boy and the pick up boat were miles away. Whilst Oly inflated the signal tube I took the opportunity to ping some shots.
The other shot is Davie boy giving the Whale shark a bubble massage.

Fremantle Empty

Another walk around empty Freo this morning and I (hopefully) saw a sign that we are getting past the Corona Virus situation as ‘front and centre’ on the footpath as we walked past was Corona itself, but the bottle was empty!
Then a nice little scene presented itself in a puddle near the Esplanade.

Rainbow Sunrise

A cracker sunrise at Point Walter this morning.
I met up with the Mervman for a sunrise shoot which started off a bit ordinary but then quickly elevated to extra ordinary.
After moving around a bit to find some foreground interest, a guy paddled past on his stand up with his dog on the front and the there was a shag off to the left and a full rainbow to boot!
A nice way to start the day!

PNG Pikininis

Here is a series of shots I took on True North in PNG a few years ago. The kids there are so playful and total water babies.

As soon as they saw the camera they started hamming it up and jostling for prime position for the shoot.

I very much hope this mongrel virus does not get into these communities as it will decimate them.