Cooper Pedy Lookout Cave Hotel

I am back home now and managed to work a couple of images up from Cooper Peedy.
The hotel shot is of the underground Hotel we stayed at which was very comfortable and nicely presented. Its called the Lookout Cave Hotel.
A balmy 22 degrees inside due to the insulation effect of being underground, regardless of the outside temperature.
The Old truck us just outside of Cooper Peedy on the way to Willims Creek and I used a texture shot from inside the underground hotel on the truck image.

White Rabbit wins judges Commendation at World Super Yacht Awards

I am pleased to announce that Echo Yachts and Teams One 2 Three Naval Architects and team Sam Sorgiovanni received a judges commendation award in the above 2,000 GT category this evening at the #BoatInternational #WorldSuperYachtAwards
Nice work to all the Echo team and everyone involved.
Well done also to the Boat International people who have run a very slick event over the last couple of days here in London.

A day in the country with the World Super Yacht awards

We had a fabulous day out in London today thanks to the organisers of the #WorldSuperYachtawards.
We started out at 1100 on the luxury Pullman twin and headed out to Kent and back from Victoria station with some great company and food onboard.
Then a bit of a break for a few hours and then Cocktails and a tour through the gallery areas of Kensington Palace.
Some serious history around us all day.