Speaking of Sunsets……

The last post before I leave for the Sydney Boat Show. If anyone would like to meet me from Sydney, North Star Cruises has a stand at the Sydney Boat Show and my partner Craig and I will be on the stand from Thursday. Come in and say hey and learn some more about the mighty True North!

We will also be showing Mike Fletcher’s latest cut of the Kimberley DVD he took on trip 4a on the stand, which is a cracker. Mike has only just finished it and the final product is exceptional!

I thought I might post these shots of a fantastic sunset at the Basin at Rottnest that I took during a full moon in March I think this year. Certainly one of the best sunsets I have seen over there ever….and I have been going there very regularly for many years now!

Rottnest Sunset 1

Sunset Starting

West Coast on True North

At the start of each season on or around the 1st of March, True North cruises from Fremantle to Dampier. We spend a few days at the Abrolhos Islands, then across to Steep Point, the Western most tip of WA, then up to Coral Bay and Ningaloo and then finally a few days at the Montes. The West Coast of WA is seriously under rated in my opinion as there is so much to see and do. The Abrolhos rates every bit as good as the Barrier Reef for diving and snorkeling.

The land based shots I tool with my Canon 1Ds Mk iii and the underwater images I took with a Canon G10 with the perspect housing you can buy for them. I was really impressed with this camera and the quality of the images for a non SLR camera.

True North Montebellos Islands


Turtle Bay

Manta Ray

Eagle Ray at Coral Bay

True North and the Louisiades

Here are a few of the shots I took whilst on the True North last year in the Louisiades. The Lousiades is East of PNG. This is probably one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. The people there lead a very peaceful subsistence lifestyle and are very proud of their lot. The village is kept very clean and the views are to die for!

The snorkeling and diving are also as good as you will see anywhere. We even saw a Killer Whale last year!

The huts over the water are community huts and the school.

True North travels there every year around November. See:
www.northstarcruises.com.au for sailing schedules and prices.



Canoe Boy

Canoe Boy, Palm City

Palm City

Hong Kong

These are some shots I took on a recent trip to Hong Kong. I was the Owner’s rep for a large ferry contract for the new Casino up there and the Purple Ferries being unloaded off the ship were the last of a 14 vessel order.

It is the largest ferry order ever!! These boats travel at 42 knots with 411 passengers and get to Macau from Hong Kong in 1 hour.

HK Lazer Show

The night shot is of the lazer show that happens every night. Taken from Kowloon side looking to Hong Kong. Some unusually clear skies whilst I was there.

The Peak Hong Kong

The other shot was taken from the Peak and once again, very clear by normal standards.

Wild Day at Rottnest

Swirling Surf


Last year some good friends of mine, Brett and Kirsty were at Rotto during a big storm and their 
story prompted me to promise myself that this year, when the 
opportunity came around, that I should make the effort and see if I 
could capture this awesome event.

On Monday night this week, the forecast predicted an 8m swell and 40 knot winds and 
they were on the money. I woke up at 0700 and sure enough the swell 
was cranking and off I went on my Rotto adventure!

I met the ferry at 0930 and the crossing was on the rough side, I 
guess it would be fair to say! About half the passengers were using 
the beaut little bags that were handed out but fortunately I was not 
one of those lucky few!

On landing at the island I retrieved my bike off the crew and set off 
for the West end of Rotto.

I was rugged up in my skiing gear with a Driazabone and ski pants and 
my trusty orange Crocks and off I went, peddling into a 40 knot gail 
with rain storms and hail.
Mark's Big Day Out
It was slow going for a while as there were far more up hills than 
down and the driving rain made it hard to see for a while, but I 
finally got there before midday and set up for some shots.

Brett was right, it was wild and spectacular and I am glad I had 
followed through with the adventure. There is nothing like Mother 
nature to remind you who is boss every now and again!
Eagle Bay Rotto
The trip home was a walk in the park by comparison to the trip out. A 
30 knot SW breeze up my butt and more down hills than up which was 
lucky because I reckon my total weight would have been over 100kg 
with all the camera gear and wet weather gear.  I was fast running 
out of steam before I found a trusty Mrs Macs pie at the Jordie 
General Store and a Mars bar!

The trip home on the ferry was very sedate by comparison to the trip 
out. The swell had settled to only 5m and the wind had dropped to a 
nice 15-20 knot sw.

Hope you like the shots troops!