Ayau Atoll

We are up very close to the Equator today and did a couple of cool dives and a fabulous heli flight over the Ayau Atoll.
Plenty more where this image came from!
Off to Wayag Islands now.

Point Walter Storm Cell

Some cool storm activity out this evening.
This is the first of a few with a number of cells dancing around shortly after this, with strong wind squalls and rain then followed.
So I skidadilled south to try and stay ahead of the cells.

Tuscany routines!

When travelling you see some interesting people.
On a sunrise shoot and walking up a steep hill from our unit, I saw this old lady walking ahead of me and it became evident it was something she did every day.
In the bag around her arm was breakfast for about 6 cats along the walk up the hill, who were all patiently waiting for her to feed them.
One was quite vocal suggesting she was taking too long to get the food out of the bag!
The other one was a village artist putting out his signs directing people into his gallery.
Both routines looked very well rehearsed and was obviously a routine set in stone over quite some time.