Smiths Beach Foggy morning

Here’s the Nikon view of the fog at Smiths Beach the other day.

Plenty of beach lovers doing beach lovers things!

The fog must’ve been created by a warm current as it kept moving up and down the beach.

Very cool to watch!







Smiths Beach Sea Fog

What an epic morning out we had this morning!
As we drove over the hill at Smiths Beach we saw this amazing sea fog wafting out over the sand dunes.
A quick scramble for the drone and long lenses and off we set to the beach to capture some gold and capture gold we did!
This is the first of a few images I captured, which is a 7 image manual stitched drone shot at about 2m off the water.
I have some video footage as well which looks really cool…standby for that one as time permits for the edit.