White Rabbit Reveal ceremony

Last night we celebrated the build of White Rabbit in style with a cocktail event to end all cocktail parties.

A huge effort from our Echo team to get the vessel and premises ready for the evening.

Catering handled beautifully by Mark Reynold’s Daughter, Jenna Leslie from Frazer’s catering, the sound system and light show put together by Sebastian Marks from Audio Technic and the entertainment for the night by the lovely Joanna Quail all the way here for one night to entertain us with her Cello.

Mikie Mike Fletcher and Daz Mc Cagh managed to wow the audience with a 24 minute video and it held the audience in total awe for the entire time.

The big screen was supplied by Peter Hudson from Sunset Cine.

Thanks so much to everyone involved in assisting me to make this such an amazing event.

Now onto the launch and hand over!


I rode down to Henderson today and bumped into good mate Dave Morse who was out shooting the Power station with the puddles.
So on my way back I dropped in ago do my version, but the puddles had dried out a lot.
I love the graffiti on the right with that says Destroy Doofus!

Broome Red Mudflats

For those of you here in WA and who are looking fwd to the return of some warmer weather again, here is a nice bright image from my recent trip to Broome to lighten you day up a bit.
Roll on summer.
My new laptop stitched this 21,000 pixel x 7000 pixel 300 DPI image in 3 seconds!

Cottesloe surf

There is a solid swell off the coast today and I saw first hand how people get themselves into trouble challenging mother nature.

This guy literally dragged his girl into the line of fire on the Cottesloe groin where it was obvious the sets were dumping a truckload of water periodically….it was really wet right!

He wanted her to take a shot of him with the back to the waves standing up on the rocks.

Well, I reckon she would have the shot, but the phone is probably trashed now.

Meanwhile, I also have the shot by standing where it was dry and guess what…I stayed dry!

Funny that eh!