Sunrise over Fremantle Sailing Club

Last night we decided to sleep on the boat so we could get an early start.

I woke up to a nice calm sunrise with a beautiful mackerel sky forming, so decided to send the drone up.

This is the largest stitch I have done to date and it has 29 images in it, double layer.

It is very cool to be just standing on the back deck of my boat and cover so much ground with the drone.

Enjoy the long weekend everyone!

Lightning Over Perth

I love this time of year!

On the way out to our annual True North crew dinner, I saw the clouds developing over the hills, so without hesitation I knew I had to ping them quickly and excuse myself for being a little late.

What a show it put on and the final colours just after sunset were awesome.

After the True North dinner party I came out and found an epic lightning storm had established itself over Perth, so out to Kings Park I went and was equally impressed with the lightning show over Perth City.

I hope you enjoy the images.

Fayes Bay Rottnest Island

We had a cracker of a day here at Rottnest yesterday, so after a relaxing dive I decided to fly the drone initially then take the Nikon for a run around some of the bays.

Fayes Bay is a very popular beach in between Longreach and Geordie Bay.

The opportunity to shoot this beach with only one umbrella in there is very rare!

Rottnest Lake St

Classic Weather out at Rottnest Island this weekend.

Here is a stitch showing the proximity of the Lakes to Gordie Bay.

One of the amazing things we found out there this weekend is that the mud from the Swan flowing out from the recent rains made the water look like it had been tainted with a giant tea bag!

On the way home I lost steering and had to drive the boat all the way back with the throttles! A bit of a challenge but it all worked out in the end!