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  1. Hey there Mark. Had a good look through your portfolio yesterday. You have some amazing stuff. Very crisp, and has giving me some motivation to learn how to blend photos from different focal points. I’m sure it would lift my landscapes to a new level. I particularly like the freo port shot, it is amazingly dramatic. My pano from lat night did not look any good, but I did get which i sort of liked. It is the first one on my website, I also have a blog (not landscapes though), its at
    Hope to catch you again sometime.

  2. Hey Mark,
    I am really pleased that Hayley Baillie posted your blog on fb- I am representing Luxury Lodges of AU in the US and really love your images and insight on your experiences. I will happily give you exposure on my fb site…and always give you credit. I was with Craig and Holly in June and toured the ship and met the crew. A remarkably intimate experience.

    I am thrilled to open up the True North’s exposure to the US. I look forward to receiving more of your West Papua’s (and beyond) updates.

    Libby Cooke

    1. Hi Libby,

      Thanks heaps for stopping by. I am sitting next to Hayley as we speak!

      I really appreciate the link…thanks heaps for that.

      Just about to post some more in a mo!


      True North Mark

  3. I am a friend of Clive Addison who has been forwarding your blog photos to me. I enjoyed your presentation the last Light Fantastic and know Dale Neill well.

    I am very impressed with the underwater shots you have been taking with your new gear. I am a diver myself using a Canon G10. Perhaps I should upgrade!?

    1. Indeed you should Peter!

      I have been very impressed with the OM-D.

      The underwater housing works a treat and I coupled it to a Light and Motion 1200 lumins video light.

      I think the only thing the kit needs to be perfect is a strobe do that you can maintain you shutter speed when the light gets low.

      Peta North from Camera Solutions in the Murray street mall will look after you and knows my kit.

      I am in Singapore at the moment, but feel free to call me on 0418 920 271 for any further advice.



  4. Hello Mark

    I’ve got a cheeky favour to ask. I’m going to be delivering some paintings to the Studio Gallery next weekend. The image I’m working on at present is part of a photograph I took in 2011 on a trip on Kimberley Discovery 1. (Jacinda Bayne was your guest on The True North at the same time) The skipper, Lenny, is no longer on the boat. My problem is that my record keeping is not what it should be, so I’m not completely sure of the location. It is just one of several thousand images from that trip. (My best guess from reading itineraries is that it is the Hunter River parked outside Porosus Creek.)
    Would you be willing to look at the image to see if you are able to identify the location? (my photography is just happy snaps that I use for painting)
    If you are happy to give this a go I will need to send you the image. Can I email it to you?

    Kind regards, Susan Sheppard

  5. Thanks Mark. We are the parents of the Florintine cookie lady who you haven’t seen for a few months. Paul has been keeping us to date on Charlie thanks for the info up to date. Brian & Aline French.

  6. G’day True North Mark hope you and your family are well , I had the pleasure of meeting you many years ago on the Rottnest Photography trip aboard the True North , five Master Photographer’s and yourself, I had a great day and evening did not want it to end I sure you have heard that many times before wishing you and all the Crew a fantastic season 2020 and beyond regards from Stuart, Perth Western Australia

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