Rust Compilation

Whilst in Iceland recently we visited an area of an old Viking village and some of the lads I was travelling with did not want to ‘stay and play’, so i was dropped off for a while to explore.

Although the landscape experience was very good, some more of the micro opportunity became evident due to the additional time I had to explore.

This rust compilation is the result of just cruising around and ‘smelling the roses’!

There was and old rusty buoy laying on its side with some awesome colours and textures just screaming out to be photographed…so i obliged! 🙂

Kimberley Rock Textures

One of the things that never ceases to amaze me when walking around the Kimberley is the amazing array of colours and textures worn into the sand stone.

On this particular morning Christian Fletcher, Jenny Fletcher and myself spent a good hour cruising around a beach in Swift Bay picking out textures and colours that the years of erosion had created for us to view.

I decided to put these together as a compilation.

Stairway to the Moon

The statement, ‘Stairway to the Moon’ evokes a lot of emotion and often fond memories of places like Broome where the moon reflections on the mudflats create a stairway of light to the moon.

When I saw this statue on the weekend, it certainly evoked some intrigue within me and off the back of that intrigue, I played around and created this composition.

To me the little guys are on a mission to get somewhere…and why not shoot for the moon!

Stylised Wildflowers!

This image probably won’t appeal to everyone, but when i was processing it, I thought I might try a different approach to the norm that would make a feature of the golden backlit wildflowers and this is what i came up with.

Yep…nup….OK with all comments, but I kinda like it! 🙂

Mothers Day tree!

On Sunday, like most other Dads around the place, I went along to a family picnic at Bicton Baths and Flemming Bo Jensen joined us.

Once we had lunch we saw the clouds evolving overhead that ultimately became the clouds we shot at Kwinana, but as they were evolving, this perspective caught my eye.

A little different again…hope you like it!

Fremantle Power Station Art

‘OMG, I am sure I don’t look that big’!

That is the impression that the cartoon gave me when I saw it, so I set about creating a compilation to tell that story.

I took Flemming down here on his second last night and I found that he had never been to the Fremantle Power station. We only had a short time but we managed to find some gold in there for sure. A very cool place indeed!

I hope you like the compilation…it is a little different for sure!