Starfish Abstract








Here is an image that will change the setting and the mood a little…still showing off the water clarity of PNG waters.

These cute little star fish were in abundance when we got off True North in Kevieng. They were all in the shallows and slowly moving around looking for w’ho knows what’.

I thought they made for a nice Seascape Abstract…and once again my wife likes it, so that’s all that counts I guess!

Rabaul Volcano action



















Yesterday, Flemming Bo Jensen, Greggy Munyard and I went off on a wonderful adventure to the Rabaul Volcano site.

After seeing it from the air this time round (missed out last year with Hackman 1 and 2), I decided that we should arrange for a trip over there on the land to see what we could capture…and capture we did…gold that is!

We arranged for some locals to take us over in one of their long boats which road exceptionally well. With a 15 knot side breeze blowing and about 20 km to run that was indeed a blessimng.

When we got to the site, we knew that the effort had been well worth it and photo opportunities started appearing behind every hill!

Here is just a cross section of what I captured over there…more to come when I get time.

You might note that my little buddy Christian was missing in action! I don’t think he thought it was going to be quite as good as it was…kicking himself now he is!

Cable Beach Moonset

Not sure about this one, but my wife likes it so it must be OK!

I took this the morning we were going to leave on True North for the Rowleys just before sunrise on Cable Beach.

The tide was out and left some cool gullies to capture the moon reflection.

The wide angle made for some interesting light twists in the image!

Caribbean Sunset

I spent some time with John and his family in Tobago over the weekend (the guy I met on the plane in) and was treated to a wonderful BBQ in the evening and lunch on the Sunday.

This was I shot taken from the beach at Tobago. Lovin the colours in this shot and I reckon it would look good on any wall!

Lake Ballard Statue

You have probably had enough of these statues between mine and Christian’s blog, but I particularly like this one as a closing statue shot from the trip.

Taken with the Canon 17mm tilt shift at F4 in the middle of the day and I had the lense shifted down to elongate the statue some which worked pretty well i reckon.

The Ochre and the blues of the sky work really well together as well I reckon…although the sRGB file for the web does not work out as well as the DCAM TIFF…but the real thing looks pretty good actually!