Spring is finally here!

bunkers-gold wyadup-blues-st

Well, I hope everyone got out and about this weekend as we have finally seemed to have broken to rain every weekend curse that has been going on for the last couple of months.

I have some friends over from the East and we headed down south for the weekend.

Stunning weather!

Boranup and the ‘Spa’!

Wyadup Spa 1 Boranup Double St Wyadup Spa St

We did a few cool things yesterday…starting with an early morning shoot at Boranup with Murf, followed by a 10km walk to Castle Rock with Lee Lee and then we watched the close to the day at the Spa with Reynaldi and Lucy Loo.

This morning has already started with a shoot at Busselton Jetty and we are about to set out for breaky and then more exploring.

Hope you are all enjoying the long weekend!

Australia Day Sunset at Rottnest


Australia Day at Rottnest Island, on board the good boat Polaris. The sun smiling it’s bright hot rays complimented by a warm easterly wind, and the temperature hovering around 40c degrees. The clear, beautiful and refreshing ocean playing host to some superb surf, swimming, diving and snorkelling. All taking place under the bluest of skies. The skiest of skies. The bluest of blue. We can almost reach out and grab perfection.


Come sunset  dramatic clouds and lightning entered, to bookend this particularly beautiful Australia Day. Taking a run at the clouds were Peta North, Flemming and I. All the man-made fireworks in the world is no match for Mother Nature’s sunset and lightning bolts. I make this picture, hoping to do Mother Nature’s lightship justice, freezing a  beautiful moment in time.