Lake Clifton’s Thrombolites

We headed back from Dunsborough very early this morning and as I approached Lake Clifton I saw the conditions were clearing up to make way for a cool shoot at Lake Clifton.

A quick diversion past the site of some of the worlds oldest living organisms, the Thrombolites paid dividends with perfect conditions.

These 3 shots are the results!

Waterfall views

A beautiful little scene looking through the trees and into the waterfalls yesterday.

Cold and damp with dancing light made for a great composition whilst I sat and waited for the light to flourish.

This is a focused stacked stitch, so everything is in focus.

So many beautiful water falls up this trail.

Dandenong Gold

Lee Lee and I are over in the Dandenongs in Victoria with good mates, AB (Andrew Brown from AB scenes) Tony Tone Middelton.

It was a long day having flown in on the red eye last night and then straight into it when we hit the ranges early this morning.

Quote of the day from AB was, ‘don’t forget to look up’!

The resultant image is the top image! 🙂

We had a blast today and this is just a fraction of what we captured.

Wedge Island Stormy Dunes

I headed out to J Bay to meet some friends who were up there to do some jumping. The day ended up a bit of a wash out for jumping, so after lunch I headed out to see what I could find photography wise.

It was a very relaxing day out, with no particular agenda and just me and my camera out to capture some scenes.

This the first of a few from yesterday.

Some nice light within the storm!


I think anyone in WA could be excused for thinking we are still in the middle of winter!

Last weekends storms would rival any mid winter storm and it was devilishly cold to boot.

Lee and I headed down to Safety Bay last night for a meal with friends and I managed to duck out just before Sunset to capture the nice light that was sneaking in under the menacing sunset clouds.

What attracted me to this image was how the light was dancing on the old yacht and in order to fully tell the story, I decided to do a stitch.

I then spent the evening working up some images with my mate Russell, that he captured in Tonga with Darren Jew recently and I am pleased to report we now have a new and very keen photog in our midst…and a photog with a very good eye for a newby!

We are going to see Saul this week to kit him up with some new Nikon gear!