Dandenong Gold

Lee Lee and I are over in the Dandenongs in Victoria with good mates, AB (Andrew Brown from AB scenes) Tony Tone Middelton.

It was a long day having flown in on the red eye last night and then straight into it when we hit the ranges early this morning.

Quote of the day from AB was, ‘don’t forget to look up’!

The resultant image is the top image! šŸ™‚

We had a blast today and this is just a fraction of what we captured.

Early light at Mt Beauty

I have been doing up some prints lately for our new house and the theme I have gone with is Autumn colours in the bathrooms.

This image was taken with Christian Fletcher and Tommy Putt at Mt Beauty. It was a beautiful morning with some nice soft light, some mist over the water and a great tree right on the water front.

Mt Hotham’s Dead Forrest

As I just mentioned in a comment on one of my posts, I do like to go back over RAW files to see what I have missed and I often dig up some GOLD here and there and I think this one is no exception.

I quite like the various tones and the different perspective from previous panos from this location. This cripple at the time had to endure a good half hour and very slow climb up over a hill and far away (or it seemed like that) in order to find this perspective.

It is obviously a ski run during the season as the poles descending down the hill are there to support T bars I reckon.

The cloud and the light coming over the hill made for some nice light in this image.

Richmond Town River

Another tranquil shot from the sensationally beautiful old Richmond Town in Hobart.

When i first took this scene the sun was out in full force and there was a large very contrasty shadow over this shot.

I literally pinged this off as I was climbing in the car as the light was being filtered by a nice and handy cloud in front of the sun!