Next adventure!

Maddi 1

I have another exciting adventure planned for this weekend and next.

Maddi Thomas is the girl in the photo and she is going to compete in her 10th Avon descent next weekend in a power boat.

Maddi and her father work for us at Echo Yachts as part of the team building the GRP shadow vessel and I have known Rod for many years now….also watching Maddi grow up over those years.

So, when Rod asked me if I was interested in coming on board with their Avon team this year, I thought why not.

I have personally done the Avon 4 times, twice in a single Kayak and twice in a double Kayak, so I know how arduous the Avon can be and also how fickle the conditions can be.

Tomorrow is practise day, so I get to practise a bit as well!


Avon Gold

Noble Reds

Lamb Tree

A few of the lads and myself headed out to the Avon valley this morning and we had a fantastic day out with all sorts of great scenes, around 12km of tracking and some great light to boot.

We were welcomed back into Perth with a serious rain front, but it was too late to spoil our day as we had already achieved all that we had set out to do.

Here are the first 2 from the day.

Sids Rapids

My wife chose this perspective and I must admit I quite like it now that I have worked it up…even though I hate admitting when she’s right! I think its a bloke thing! šŸ™‚

This was shot with my 1.2 50mm L series prime and is a 4 shot stitch with a couple of them focus stacked.