Avon Gold

Noble Reds

Lamb Tree

A few of the lads and myself headed out to the Avon valley this morning and we had a fantastic day out with all sorts of great scenes, around 12km of tracking and some great light to boot.

We were welcomed back into Perth with a serious rain front, but it was too late to spoil our day as we had already achieved all that we had set out to do.

Here are the first 2 from the day.

Ballooning in Northam

I took the bride up to Northam last night for a bit of an adventure. We stayed in the Shamrock hotel and then got up nice and early to get some shots of the Balloons taking off.

This is Merv and Peter Hodgson country and they were both kind enough to come out to say hey even though they were off on their own adventures…Merv out to Kal and Peter off to Hong Kong for the first time, so thanks guys for making the effort, very much appreciated!

It was not the kindest conditions for taking photos, but this one came out OK I think.