The rebirth of the Harrietta

After 10 months of total refit, the Harrietta, owned by Bhagwan Marine, is now back in service and has been brought back to an as new condition

I shot a timelapse sequence of the final outfit and the launch which has just been edited and posted on Vimeo by Flemming Bo Jensen.

There were some long hours in those final weekends and even for yours truly who was on the end of the high pressure washer on the anchor chain you will see getting fed back into the chain lockers.

Thanks for the editing Flemming!

You can see the video here.

‘Evolved Lady’

A tired old lady was reborn today!

After a huge weekend from my team at Evolution Commercial, the newly evolved and recreated Harrietta went back to where she belongs…to the water….to do what she does so well, which is to be a very versatile shallow draft tug!

At 25 years old, and after being seriously let go through shere hard work with no time for refits, the Harrietta was a borderline case to either end up on the scrap heap, or to be resurrected. Her shallow draft versatility and excellent manoeuvrability saved her from the scrap heap and she has responded well to all the TLC she has received.

Interesting as well…after I did the time lapse on the Harrietta coming out on the old truck, with the faded red paint job, the owner of the truck gave the truck a birthday with a new paint job as well. The 2 old girls looked great sliding down the hill yesterday in all their glory, just like they used to do in their hay day!

We are working on a project at the moment which could end up with the opposite result for another aging but not so unique tug, whereby this time we will be scrapping her. For sure this unit has passed the use by date and will be put to rest. Stay tuned for more info on both the Harrietta as we go through the sea trial process and also on the final story on the other tug!

Evolution transformation

At my boat building company, Evolution Commercial, we are coming to the close of a very cool project where we have transformed a very tired but well proven 24m Tug, called the Harrietta and owned by Bhagwan Marine, back to its hey day and we are now only about a week and a bit away from launch.

The Harrietta is very unique in that it is very shallow draft compared to other tugs, and very manoeuvrable due to the azimuth drive system, which means that the drives are Z drives and can be turned through a 360 degrees arc. She also has a solid bollard pull of about 25 tonnes. Put all of those attributes together and you have just about the perfect kit to appeal to the shallow draft requirements in our North West.

We stripped Harrietta back to bare steel, cut out all the corroded parts and reinstalled new steel, overhauled all the gear, rewired the entire boat, installed all new pipes, gutted the outfit and reinstalled a totally fresh new outfit and also fitted a new sweet of electronics…not to mention a full sand blast and repaint with a very detailed steel paint system.

The photos above show what Harrietta looked like coming up the hill to our workshop and what she looks like now after about 4 months of work.

I am very proud of my partner and team at Evolution for pulling off a very complicated and tough gig to the standards we have. The Bhagwan team are saying that the Harrietta will likely become the pride of the fleet from here on in, which is a huge step up from the very tired 25 yo over worked lady she was!

Evolution at Work!









































Add a large boat, a large truck, a can do attitude and what do you get!

You get a seriously heavy lift and a move of a 30m cat up to our yard for some modifications is what!

Evolution Commercial has 3 weeks to do some major reno’s to this vessel and we are up to the task!

These shots were taken by none other that the travelling man of mystery, the Flembot as I had to take my grandson to Rotto…thanks heaps Mr. Bo Jangles! They were edited by yours truly and the lift itself was co-ordinated by my partner in Evolution Jurien.

A big well done to all as I know there were a few curve balls along the way!

Stay tuned for the time lapse also taken by the Flembot and the editing will be done by none other than the Mikie Mike guru extra ordinare! Mike is also going to set up a time lapse for the work we will be doing on the boat as well.