Cable Beach Broome

We were fortunate enough to spend the last weekend at Cable Beach resort in Broome and also managed to capture a couple of panos of the very famous Cable Beach.

Cable Beach would arguably be up there as one of the best beaches in Australia and it has it all going on all day long. From the huge tide range which constantly changes the look of the beach, to the amazing sunsets, to the numerous activities you can do on the beach.

Activities include nude sun baking, swimming, surfing, beach fishing, camel rides and the list goes on!

What is also curious about Cable Beach is the crab activity. At low tides the crabs send out these little balls all over the beach make the magic patterns in the top image.

The second image was taken just before sunrise on Sunday morning.

Cable Beach Moonset

Not sure about this one, but my wife likes it so it must be OK!

I took this the morning we were going to leave on True North for the Rowleys just before sunrise on Cable Beach.

The tide was out and left some cool gullies to capture the moon reflection.

The wide angle made for some interesting light twists in the image!