Splash Splash!

The above compilation shows the very reason why I bought the 1Ds Mk 3. I was standing here minding my own business on rocks that were dry and setting up for a shot when I saw the splash evolving, so I initially thought…cool, I can get this…until I realised that said splash was keepin’ on comin’ on!

It grew and grew and before I knew it I was wet from head to toe as was the 1Ds!

No probs for that beast thought. Just a wipe down with a wet cloth and off for some more shooting! Show me any other landscape camera that can do that!

PNG Canoe Family










Here is another image from PNG at the Duke of York islands actually.

This is so typical of how these guys get around and they literally travel miles and miles like this fishing and trading and just general visiting.

Where we would reach for our car keys these guys reach for a paddle!

And guess who are the fit ones out of the 2 races eh!

Pretty much everywhere we anchor, we get flotillas of locals selling trinkets and fresh fruit etc, which always makes for a colourful and photographic scene straight off the Marlin Board.

The Fremantle Doctor Sailing











Well the Fremantle Doctor was showing us the full might of our daily breeze yesterday and most seagoers were tucked back in their pens, but not this avid adventurer, who just punched his way out into the short chop that is the norm where the sea meets the river currents and off he went!

Once again the cloud structure and lines were really quite unusual and interesting which is what attracted me to the shot in the first place.

Jamie was encouraging me to get the 300 out and I am glad I did, but I was not able to get too many sharp images as it was howling!

Volcano Guy











On the way out from our epic Volcano Adventure, we came across this old guy who actually lives in a small hut where the Volcanic ash is still evident all around where the old township was.

Not sure how old this fellow was, but if I look half as good as he does at his age, I will be very happy!

He just cruises out and catches his fish with this dugout and obviously doing all the paddling every day isn’t doing him any harm at all!

At the request of Mr Bo Jangles I have put up a different version to the top image based on his comments….hope you like it Bomontaruny!

PNG water clarity








The above 2 images are just 2 examples of how clear the waters are around PNG. The bottom image is right up in the northern area near Keivieng and the top image is down near Luscerque Islands.

Christian and i went cruising around whilst the water was so still where I captured the top image. Mr. Bo Jangles was totally hooked with snorkelling at that stage and decided to prioritise his time doing that!

Milne Bay Warrior

When we arrived in Alotau last Saturday, instead of heading out as we normally would, we heard that there was a festival in Milne Bay, so we decided to stick around to join in on the festivities.

This shot typifies the proud traditional dancing that goes on with such festivities and I have my little buddy Christian to thank for a couple of techniques he showed us whilst on board that made an OK image come to life…..thanks mate!

Everyone on board benefitted from Christians knowledge and his passion, from even the most basic photographer with a point and shoot to the few on board who were competent in their own right.

PNG Canoe Boys








On the way to an impromptu Sing Sing at the Duke of York Islands in PNG, we came across the 2 canoe boys. Christian has also worked up a great square image of the solo boy standing up, but this is my version.

There is now doubt that the PNG lifestyle is way better for those 6 packs and the fully cut look! We did not see one fat native whilst we were over there and they are all built like body builders!

Rabaul Volcano action



















Yesterday, Flemming Bo Jensen, Greggy Munyard and I went off on a wonderful adventure to the Rabaul Volcano site.

After seeing it from the air this time round (missed out last year with Hackman 1 and 2), I decided that we should arrange for a trip over there on the land to see what we could capture…and capture we did…gold that is!

We arranged for some locals to take us over in one of their long boats which road exceptionally well. With a 15 knot side breeze blowing and about 20 km to run that was indeed a blessimng.

When we got to the site, we knew that the effort had been well worth it and photo opportunities started appearing behind every hill!

Here is just a cross section of what I captured over there…more to come when I get time.

You might note that my little buddy Christian was missing in action! I don’t think he thought it was going to be quite as good as it was…kicking himself now he is!

First Luscernque Aerial








We just had an awesome heli flight where the light was hilighting the Luscernque Islands like a spotlight.

Couple that to the drama sky that was developing off to the East and that made for a pretty sweet image.

I have a few more from the same flight so stay tuned!

Rottnest season is back again!!!



The Rottnest season is now on again and we started it off with our very good friends, Con, Jenny, Greggy and Reece.

A great feed of whiting was caught caught yesterday arvo and then we cooked them up Tempura just after sunset.

Greggy Reece and I went out down near Kingston Barracks and these trees caught my eye.

I think this scene is quite typical of Rottnest landscapes and I think it typifies the island quite well