Little Parakeet Sunset, Rottnest Island











I set out the other day at Rottnest to do some night shots which were inspired from some of the work that Brent Pearson does, but the high tide squashed the ideas I had in mind, so I settled for this shot and will revisit the idea I had at a later date when the planets align.

Shot with my 17mm Tilt Shift and just around the corner from Little Parakeet Bay.

I have scoped a few more locations around this area and look fwd to capturing them all one days soon!

Rottnest season is back again!!!



The Rottnest season is now on again and we started it off with our very good friends, Con, Jenny, Greggy and Reece.

A great feed of whiting was caught caught yesterday arvo and then we cooked them up Tempura just after sunset.

Greggy Reece and I went out down near Kingston Barracks and these trees caught my eye.

I think this scene is quite typical of Rottnest landscapes and I think it typifies the island quite well

Lake Ballard Statue

You have probably had enough of these statues between mine and Christian’s blog, but I particularly like this one as a closing statue shot from the trip.

Taken with the Canon 17mm tilt shift at F4 in the middle of the day and I had the lense shifted down to elongate the statue some which worked pretty well i reckon.

The Ochre and the blues of the sky work really well together as well I reckon…although the sRGB file for the web does not work out as well as the DCAM TIFF…but the real thing looks pretty good actually!

South Perth Sunset

I don’t know how many of you photogs out there got out last night, coz as you can see above it was pretty awesome!

I know that Matty Saul failed the mission by promising to watch the Eagles lose again with some of his mates!

It looks like Jamie got out as I have seen a cool shot he got at Blackwall Reach…nice shot by the way mate!

Well…here are my contributions. I woke up just before sunrise and realised I had totally failed the mission as there was a sunrise of epic proportions developing and I was stuck at home miles from any decent photo opportunities…doh!

So I promised myself that if those clouds were still hanging around at sunset…then lookout…and sure enough vola!

Hope you like them troops!

Shot with my trusty 17mm Tilt Shift. The top image was a 2 image stitch.