Cendrawasih Bay Video from last year on True North

Last year as many of you know, North Star Cruises did an exploratory cruise to West Papua and more specifically to the area known as Cendrawasih Bay.

On board we had a Channel 7 crew and also Paul Wags, who is a renowned underwater videographer.

Paul, or Wagsy as he is affectionately know as, has just completed an edit for us which can be viewed here.

A very special place and a very special experience.

We now do 3 cruises to this area each year.

You can view the video here

Paul Wags can be contacted here:

Paul Wags
0428 298 007

Olympus OM-D reviews and True North stories.

I have now been using the Olympus OM-D for a few days now and am very much getting used to it now.

Like anything underwater with regards capturing images and video it is never straight fwd when compared to shooting on land, but now after a few days, I feel totally comfortable with this little camera.

The housing Olympus have produced is very good and probably the easiest underwater housing I have ever used. It is light and easily transported to location.

For this trip I have mounted a Light and Motion 1200 lumins LED light on the housing and have found the set up to work very good in most situations. I think the addition of a strobe on the other side would assist to get sharper shots in tricky conditions.

Olympus have cleverly made it so that the Function 2 button can be pushed so that you can switch from macro to wide. Then the Fn 2 button needs to be pushed and held to get the exposure meter back.

It is very quick and i love the fact that I can go from wide to zoom, which is something that larger SLR set ups cannot do.

The clarity and auto focus on the camera is great on both video and still mode and the fact that the OM-D is said to have the fastest autofocus on the market also works well for catching the fish as you see them.

We are diving with the Whale Sharks of Cendrawasih Bay tomorrow and the mood on True North at the moment is electric!

We have Mark Erdmann on board, a passionate marine biologist who has been living in Bali now for 20 years documenting the various species of marine life in these areas. It is fantastic to have such a wealth of knowledge on board who has worked hard with the Indonesian Government to create numerous marine parks all around West Papua now.

Mark did an hour long talk on the Whale Sharks of Cendrawasih Bay this afternoon, showing us the history of how they are hand fed by the locals and how they have been tagging them for a number of years now.

The OM-D is now charged and ready for an early start in the morning for our first dive with the whale sharks. We will stay in teh whale shark area for a couple of days and we are also looking at doing a night dive with them tomorrow evening, so stay tuned to for Whale Shark updates straight from the mighty True North!


True North Mark