Milky Way Sand Dunes

As mentioned on Facebook, I went up to Cervantes to shoot the Pinnacles again with Mr. Spool.

After sunset we set out back down the coast to some sand dunes just off the road, had dinner and then set out for a sand dune night shoot.

I ummed and arred about taking all my kit and decided to just take the tripod and camera with the 17mm tilt shift but Neal opted to take his back pack and tripod. After treking out about 500mm we set up and that is when Neal found that he had left his camera in the car and it was not in the back pack he had lugged all the way out there! šŸ™‚

I managed to keep him busy light painting for me but so it wasn’t a total loss! šŸ™‚

Pinnacles trip with Mr. Spool!











Yesterday Neal Pritchard (aka Mr. Spool) and I went up to Cervantes and the Pinnacles area to see what we could find to shoot and we found gold!

I had already scoped this area before Xmas when on a commercial shoot, so I new if given the right conditions, we could get something pretty special.

It was windy which meant that we ended up with sand in just about every orifice at these sand dunes, but it was certainly worth it. A few funny moments as well. Neal called me over to show me these really cool sand sculptures…and waycool the indeed were and whilst we were waiting for the sun to come out from behind the clouds my hat blew off, right down where the sand sculpture was.

After a bit of debate we decided the best course of action was for me to slide down the hill feet first with Neal hanging onto my feet. After grabbing the hat there was quite a comedy with Neal trying to pull me back out and the sand sliding as you can well imagine. We needed a third person to get the shot!

After this shoot we shot the Pinnacles at sunset and into the night with the full moon and am pretty happy with the RAW files I have looked at so stay tuned!

Generation Fisheries Cervantes





















I went up to Cervantes yesterday to do a commercial shoot for some old friends and business associates of mine, the Thompsons…AKA Generation FIsheries.

These guys are an inspiration to be around. They have always been the go getters and leaders of the pack in the crayfishing game in WA and now own the largest quota on the coast by a long shot.

Never having been ones to sit still for long they originally branched out and purchased 2 large cattle farms, which they kept under the same brand of Generation Beef.

Now they have gone into the production and marketing side for mainly Lobster, but also handle scallops, prawns, Octopus and some fish.

I spent all day shooting there and was amazed at the amount of seafood going through their very well thought out facility. They cater for both the live fish market and the cooked market and the gear they have sourced and installed is state of the art.

They have a huge automatic steamer that cooks the crays, large live holding tanks and an automatic grading system based on weight, not to mention the automatic vacuum packaging system that allows for freezing of seafood for up to 18 months without fear of freezer burning!

By using a chilled slurry they have saved $1,000,000 a year in ice alone, so their pioneering spirit is paving the way for the future and setting themselves up nicely for the future.

The second shot features young Dave Thompson sitting in front of his old man’s painting. Father Thompson is also Dave and is affectionately known as Dogga amongst the family.

Dave has alway been one for nicknames and has one for just about everyone he deals with and everyone in the Thompson family are characters in their own right!

The photo shoot was done to pave the way to promote the tours they are now doing daily during the cray season and features an intro to what they do by watching a video and then there is a walk through the factory by way of an upper level walkway to watch proceedings, followed by a nice lunch of crayfish.

I would thoroughly recommend a tour through their facilities which is located just on the Northern Coastal extremities of Cervantes. Certainly a must do for those phoptogs venturing up to get some Pinnacles shots whilst waiting for the soft light at sunset!