Fun in the sun!

Ian and I really did have a great day out on Saturday with awesome clouds being the order of the day…all day!

This is just off the main beach at Dunsborough where some kids were having fun making some sand castles, taking photos of themselves and in general enjoying the beautiful surrounds.

We really do have a great state here in WA when you can see things like this only a few hours from Perth and when you get there you feel like you have landed in a whole new world!

South West Vineyard Sunrise

Well that was a big day!

I was up at 0330 this morning for a couple of commercial jobs for some mates and my good buddy Ian Wise came to the party and was a great help.

We pretty much shot all day today apart from a couple s of hours break at about 1400 and the conditions were pretty dam good I must say!

Here are the first 2 shots for the day. I have 16 gig more to go through! šŸ™‚

Storm Colours at Eagle Bay and Quindalup

We are down at True North Ashore at Eagle Bay at present and we were treated with an amazing sky show today that lasted for most of the day.

Jamie Paterson and I started the day at 0400 to try and get the sunrise at Sugarloaf Rock, but were beaten by the rain. This afternoon more than made up for it though as we went out to Quidalup and then Wyadup Rocks. I pinged a few off on the way just down from True North Ashore.

Christian was balling as he had home duties assigned…next time mate!