The speed of light!

When I was at school I learned that the speed of light was ‘186,000 miles per second squared’ and my new souped up laptop is not far off such speeds!

My old faithful Mac Book Pro’s hard drive died last week and my Mac Guru, Dave Lock told me that he is now doing conversions on Mac Book Pros with 500 gig solid state hard drives with 8 gig of ram.

I decided to go down that path and ‘man o man’ has my work flow ever increased! By about 10 fold I reckon with this new baby! Flemming Bo Jensen timed me stitching the image below which is a 6 image stitch of Castle Rocks down south…49 seconds, warped and saved! I put the ‘Freaky Detail filter over the sky on this image at 8 bits channel and it did the Freaky detail in about 2 minutes. Freaky detail is probably the toughest process in photoshop and it normally takes some time even at 8 bits.

I have known Dave Lock now for quite a few years and he is the best Mac Techo I have ever met. When my previous lappy died he rescued all of the data when no one else felt there was any chance. I will do a separate post on Dave’s Background at a later date, but anyone interested in purchasing a solid state 500 gig Mac Book Pro with 8 gig of ram with speed and performance like nothing I have ever witnessed you can contact Dave at Entire IT on the North Western corner of Canning H’Way and Sleat Road. Phone: 0424 063 765.


Its funny how things work as I tried to research where to get these solid state machines a few months ago and drew a blank and it took a melt down of my last lappy to provide the opportunity to find out that info, so I figure that there could be a number of people that follow my blog that could be interested in finding out where to get a lightning fast lappy.

Below is a shot of me at super lightning speed with my new super lightning speed lappy, shot on location at one of my offices and my most favourite place on the planet…Rottnest Island!

Also below is a shot of one of the 8 crayfish we caught yesterday held by the lovely Genna followed by last nights sunset at Longreach…a nice way to finish the day after a beautiful day in paradise!