Cicerello’s Sunset

This is the image I was focusing on whilst I had my back to the rainbow…still not too shabby either actually!

The area is very popular as a family and tourist fish and chip destination. Not sure how long it will last though. The way the Greens are going with cutting off 30% of the Australian Fishing zones, I doubt we will be able to afford to eat fish in the future. In fact i doubt very much if we will be able to afford to eat Beef either the way this Government is going!

How did we get into this situation where we are actually being dictated to by such a left wing party? Take note people of what happened at the last election and all you donkey voters out there and those who voted for the Independents. When a Government is in power and has to pander to radical minority groups to stay in power, you will always see situations like what is happening with the cattle industry and the fishing industries in Australia, together with an inability to make decisions in a timely fashion.

I know someone who has just come back from Europe and everything is rocking over there, the money is starting to flow again and people were asking him, ‘hey what’s wrong in Australia…you guys have all the mining and oil and gas….so why all the doom and gloom’!

Radical minority groups and instability is why!

The sooner this Hack Government is ousted the better before the lack of confidence becomes the norm and then we will have to crawl our way out of the mess they have put us into!

The above is an insight into an assignment I have taken on this weekend and it will be a wake up call for everyone…watch this space!