Fremantle Harbour Sunset

SS over Freo Harbour

After a very nice Sundowner and House warming at Helen and Nigel Gaunt’s new pad in North Coogee, I noticed a bit of colour looming on the horizon.

So, as a Newcastle boy once said….’never let a chance go by on no…never let a chance go by’! šŸ™‚

I decided to launch the drone to get an aerial perspective and the above is the result!

Sunday night sunset over Fremantle Harbour

Freo Harbour SS..

Whilst hanging around waiting for our 0130 departure this morning, I noticed that the skies over Fremantle were shaping up very nicely.

I was all packed, so decided to treat myself to a quick sortie out and about in Freo.

I settled on the harbour entrance as there were a lot of people out fishing and enjoying the ambience in general.

Set up in this location was a keen young photog called Dave and we had a bit of a chat about the joy of photography and getting out and about to witness such scenes.

He was obviously well on his way with his photography journey.

We are now in Hirafu in Japan and went from a balmy 27 degrees in Perth to minus 13 here!

But the snow reports are looking dam good, so bring it on in the morning!

Merry Xmas from True North Mark

Its that time of year again and where did the year go!

Tonight I would like to wish all my wonderful friends, blog followers and associates all the best for the Xmas season and for the New Year that is only just around the corner.

It has been a great year for us that started with my good friend and buddy Flembotaruny and all of our adventures at Rottnest, followed closely with another True North Adventure with mates, Christian Fletcher and Tommy Putt.

The middle of the year saw my boat building company kick into high gear thanks to the passion and dedication from my partner, Jurien and our dedicated team and in more recent times another True North adventure on True North at West Papua.

My photography passion has taken me on an amazing journey over the last 4 years and on that journey I have met so many really cool people. So a big thank you to all of you for your support and encouragement and regular feedback.

Lee and I moved into our new pad a few months ago, which we are loving to bits…such an easy place to live and so cool to come home to every night.

What does 2013 bring for me/us?

A PODAS adventure on True North with Christian and Kevin Raber (who I am yet to me…but very much looking fwd to that) and an Icelandic adventure with Brent Pearson and Neal Pritchard aka Mr Spool!

I am also looking fwd to seeing Evolution Commercial hitting its straps and many other adventures along the way!

North Star Cruises is also shaping up very nicely for 2013 and I have my partner, Craig and his team to thank for that.

I hope you all have some great plans for next year as well…remember…’it ain’t a rehearsal! šŸ™‚

Have fun!

Joe’s Fish Shack, Fremantle

For those of you who live in Perth, you would know that Joe’s Fish Shack as somewhat of an iconic building in the Fishing Boat Harbour.

This is a different take on the building using a bit of artistic flair!

Crane Ship, Fremantle

What a beautiful weekend we had here in Perth. On the way back from a very cool surf at Stricklands at Rottnest I saw this ship waiting out in Gage Roads.

As luck would have it, the ship was making its way into harbour when I was driving to work this morning, so I swing by South Mole and captured these shots.

It amass me how ships loaded like this manage to stay upright! šŸ™‚

Fremantle Harbour, storm approaching

I saw some nice clouds and light developing yesterday morning and decided to take my boat for a run around the Fremantle Harbour area to see what I could find.

The boat needed a run in any case and it was a pleasant morning out for sure.

We currently have a US Navy aircraft carrier in port, so that was the first port of call and I am pleased with the overall result of the image with the spotlight effect over the ship.

It was then off to the harbour itself and once again I was lucky with the light and clouds at the time. From the land there are too many restricted areas to get a composition like this and I have been wanting to get a pano done of that side of the harbour now for a while…ticked that box now I have!

Freo Photog get together

On Friday evening a few of the bloggers got together for a shoot in Freo. It was a bit of a stormy evening but it gave us some nice light and drama to play with.

Present were, Andrea, Charlene, Brett and myself…missing in action were Mr. Spool and Adrian! šŸ™‚

The Docks image came together quite well and is a slightly different approach to the shot than Brett did yesterday with his HDR version. Mine was a 6 shot stitch with the 50mm and I had a 10 stop ND on as well.

We had lots of laughs and that grey storm cloud off in the distance almost nailed us as it bucketed down not long after this shot was taken!

We tucked in under the E shed verandah’s for a while and then made our way back to Little Creatures for dinner.

That was my first time meeting Charlene…very nice to meet you finally Charlene! I have heard a lot about you from Flembot so I feel like I know you quite well already!