High Street Light

High Street Morning SR

This is similar to a shot I took in High Street Fremantle recently, but the skies attracted me to pull over and shoot it again.

I shot it last week on a cold and storming morning giving the image the moody effect you can see above.

High Street sunrise

High Street HDR texture

I drive past High street in Fremantle every morning, but this morning the timing and the look came together for something a little different from usual.

At this time of year the sun rises right down the Eastern end of High street which made for this capture to come together!

Yacht Sunset, Fremantle

Yacht Sunset

Throughout the afternoon I watched some interesting cloud development and so raffled my plans to go to Cross Fit and set out to see what developed.

A quick sortie up to my local lookout indicated my original thoughts to go to Kings Park was not the best play so headed to Fremantle to see what was on offer.

Only at the final moments did this scene start to evolve, but I was totally in the wrong spot.

So a quick drive and a sprint and I managed to get this.

Worth the drama I think! šŸ™‚