Power House Sunset

Power Station Lake Sunset

Power station X

Freo Power Station Sunset

Whilst Jamie Paterson was out at Sand Tracks on Sunday night, I ventured out to the old Power Station to see what was on offer and came away with these 3.

We did catch up for coffee on the way home. That was just before coming down with the mongrel ‘man flu’ that has been going around! Much worse than normal flu I can assure you!

Did anyone get the number of the Mack truck that must have run me over! 🙁

Fremantle Power Station Graffiti

I am not a fan of Graffiti in any way, but I guess in a derelict building such as this is one area where perhaps it can be condoned and perhaps even fostered as a way to get it off the streets.

There is some serious talent in amongst some of these artists and they should have an area like this where they can explore their talents without defacing public and private property.

I think the stylising has worked pretty well…hope you like it!

South Fremantle Power Station

I took this the other morning after the CY O’Connor shoot..had to be done!

Heritage building my butt…just a friggen eyesore sitting on prime real estate! I just don’t get it, why is it that Fremantle can’t expand down though here and lose this dilapidated building so that we can maximize our limited and precious water front???