Oman the new Weapon!

I was down at Freo Sailing Club today and saw this weapon of a yacht that had just pulled in from Africa!

This machine was built by boat speed and can achieve speeds up to 35 knots and can cruise at a very respectable 20 knots.

Those coming with me tomorrow for the Karijini get together will get to see and photograph this vessel as we cruise past it on our way out of the heads!

Fremantle Sailing Club Juniors

I was down at Fremantle Sailing Club the other day and the kids in the training yachts jumped out at me as a photo opportunity. Lucky i had just picked up my camera from my boat!

I love the colours they have picked for these little yachts…they really stand out.

I might print this up for the club and donate it!

Coming home to Fremantle Sailing Club

After all good weekends at Rotto it is nice to come back to Fremantle Sailing Club. The club is extremely well run and the facilities are excellent.

This particular day was amazingly calm with no sea breeze and very tranquil conditions on the way home.