Last night we started off at the jetty in Geordie Bay and this scene took my fancy.

I was unsure if I should call the image ‘patience’ or ‘anticipation’!

These pelicans are local to Rottnest and seem to have an uncanny way of knowing when people are fishing or cleaning fish.

This fellow had some charisma and was a very smart looking bird and even though he seemed to be unfazed with what the fisherman was doing he was a little camera shy. We had a little game of hide and seek before this capture came to fruition!

To me the scene is very Rottnest and sums up activities on the beaches and on board boats, after the hunting and gathering has finished and the preparation of the evening meals are happening all around Rottnest.

Not to be left out, the pelicans have worked out that patience pays off and an easy meal is on offer if they just wait it out!