New Photographers Paradise found!

Chris's sunrise

Dans Beach Sq St Chris and the Light

Lee and I are currently in Tasmania as the guest of a wonderful young fella by the name of Chris Podesta and staying at the Lake Pedder Lodge.

Chris and a few of his mates are about to take over the running of the lodge from September 1st and I can just about guarantee all my Photog mates out there that this area is about to become the new Iceland!

I have only been here for a day now and have seen a sweet array of epic landscapes, a small sample of which are posted above in this post.

Chris will be offering comfortable and affordable accommodation here at the lodge from September 1 and will be offering guided photography tours to locations we have found together during my visit.

Down the track a bit I will also be coming back and looking at coaching here from time to time I think as well.

Last night I had the opportunity to take my new Astronomy camera for a run, the D810a supplied to me by Saul Frank from Camera Electronics.

What a weapon that bit of kit is!

I will do a full review of that body as time permits, but for now, I think it is fair to say that the camera rocks and does everything the reviews said it would.

Check out the detail in those stars!

The star shots were shot at 6400 ISO, F2.8 and 20 second exposures….boom! 🙂

I have captured soooo much epic material here in just 24 hours, so plenty more to come!

Stay Tuned!